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Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Guardians,

Here at FBC Youngsville, we are humbly committed to the spiritual growth of  children.  This is evident in  programs and event/activities that we offer throughout the year.   No matter where your child is in their walk with Christ, we have something to suit their needs.


Sunday School

 We have trained leaders every Sunday that are ready and waiting to teach children something new about Christ.  It is a wonderful time for learning to take place for both the student and the teacher. Engaging object lessons and activities help each student to fully understand what they are learning and how they can apply it to their lives.  This is also the place where new and possible lifelong friendships in Christ begin.

Bible Drill

This program lives up to its name!! During Bible Drill, the students work hard to commit God's Word to memory.  I love this program because this is where the "rubber meets the road."   Get ready to dig deep!!------And no one has more passion for this program than the ones leading it here at FBC Youngsville.

Children's Choir

Our Children's Choir  Director has unlimited energy and passion when it comes to teaching children to praise God through singing, intruments, and drama.  Hard work pays off when they share what they have been diligently preparing.